Life Onboard AmyJo

Life on a 67ft Narrowboat called AmyJo
Having lived onboard AmyJo for 9 years we have been living the dream. We hope our videos portray life on the cut as it is, warts and all. Its not all sun and wine in picture postcard locations but we wouldn’t trade places with anyone. Come sun, wind or rain we enjoy life onboard AmyJo so pull up a chair, grab a drink, and enjoy the ride. You can follow our story from the very beginning on our blog at
AmyJo Blog
Our Media Locations
AmyJo's vLogs
Follow our travels and experiences on YouTube. Subscribe for notifications of new posts
Youtube vLogs
24/7 live webcam
YouTube Live
Join us as we cruise via our 24/4 live feed from AmyJo’s bow cam.  Sit back and watch the canal scenery pass by.
YouTube Live Feed
Our facebook Group
Keep up todate with events as they happen by joining our Facebook group and be part of our online family
Facebook Group
AmyJo's story from the very beginning
AmyJo's Blog
Before vLogs AmyJo’s blog tells our story from the very beginning.  From the day we decided to have a Narrowboat through her build and launch.
AmyJo's Blog
Personalised AmyJo goodies
Why not visit our merchandise store and get your very own AmyJo goodies. We sell mugs, teeshirts and hoodies.  Have a browse and find something to buy
Our online twitter feed
Keep up todate with events as they happen by following our twitter feeds.  our twitter hashtag is @nbAmyJo.  Follow us as we tweet events as they happen whilst cruising.
Twitter feed
About Us
We cruise the canals and rivers of Great Britain. With AmyJo's build now long complete and both of us into retirement, we now look forward to cruising the network further afield now time allows Our blog and vLogs are a diary for our friends and family to follow our adventures and, of course, you are welcome to join us as well.
Meet AmyJo's Crew

Steve Spreyer

Born 1957 in Essex  Married to Chris 1978. Retired Software Engineer.

Chris Spreyer

1st Mate
Born in Essex.  Retired Teaching Assistant. Mother to our two Daughters Amy and Joanne.


2nd mate
A Parsons Russel Patterdale cross more commonly known as a PatterJack, a Terrierist more like!

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