About AmyJo's Crew

Meet Steve, Chris and Smudge.

Meet the Crew


2nd mate
A Parsons Russel Patterdale cross more commonly known as a PatterJack, a Terrierist more like!

Chris Spreyer

1st Mate
Born in Essex.  Retired Teaching Assistant. Mother to our two Daughters Amy and Joanne.

Steve Spreyer

Born 1957 in Essex  Married to Chris 1978. Retired Software Engineer.

Meet the crew, Steve Chris and Smudge who was bought as an 8 week old puppy and has lived all his life onboard AmyJo.   Guess that makes him a proper boat dog.  . He came from a litter of eight puppies and was born on a sheep farm in Camarthon, South Wales.

Chris grew up In Essex and attended the same School that Steve did which is where they met.  After working for the Department of Social Security she left work to raise Amy and Joanne our daughters.  She returned to work as a Teaching Assistant until retiring in July 2020.

Steve grew up in the same area as Chris and married her in 1978.  He started work as a butcher’s assistant but changed carreer working as a process operator in the oil industry.  He moved into Process IT as Software support Engineer until retiring in June 2016.


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